SharpShark + DeloBank: How we resolved a copyright violation case


DeloBank — a bank for entrepreneurs which is promoted through content marketing. Geo — Russian Federation.

What happened

Another publication reprinted an article about franchises in full with no reference to the source and ignored the citation volume guidelines.

What was done

The editor-in-chief of DeloBank sent a letter to the media itself. It was ignored. Then he made an angry post on his Facebook page, tagging the offender. Also ignored.

Aggravating circumstance

Ignoring legal compliance requests.

Our actions

We followed the 2nd step of our dispute resolution process — a complaint to the website provider. So, the article was deleted by the host the following day. Now it redirects to a 404-page.




Blockchain-powered copyright protection software

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SharpShark Team

SharpShark Team

Blockchain-powered copyright protection software

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